Fulton History Online Article

Have you been to the Fulton History newspaper website? If you have any people that lived in New York State in the last 200 years you may be able to find them listed in an old newspaper. I wrote about Fulton History in 2009 and at that time there about 11 million newspaper pages online. Now the website has close to 23 million newspaper pages from all over New York State..

Yesterday, this online article was posted by Jim Epstein. Jim points out that Fulton History has 4 times as many newspaper pages online as the Library of Congress website. Plus it gets twice as many “hits” per month as the Library of Congress newspaper site. The article tells about Tom Tryniski, who is the sole person behind the website. Even better, there  is a video that includes an interview with Tom and shows him scanning rolls of newspapers on microfilm to be added in the future.

Fulton History is a fantastic resource for anyone researching in New York State. Even if you have been there before, you should go back as there is a lot more pages now. New newspaper pages are usually added at the end of each quarter.