World War I Books Online

The Rochester Public Library has added the 3 volume set titled World War Service Record of Rochester and Monroe County, New York to their online collection. This is a fantastic resource for those that served in the war and also those that stayed home and did volunteer work during WWI.

Volume one of the set is subtitled: Those That Died For Us (652 pages). These are men and a few women that died during the war. Each person has a biography which gives their home address, birth date & place and parent’s names. Also is a description of their service record and where they died. Usually the bio also tells where the person was buried. Best of all, at the rear of the volume there is a portrait of about 90% of the people included in this volume.

Volume two is subtitled; Those That Went Forth to Serve ( 1985 pages). This is a comprehensive list of over 22,000 that served from Monroe County during the war. These are much shorter biographies. Each includes; home address, birth place and a description of their military service including when admitted, places served and discharge date.

Volume three is subtitled; Those Who Supported The Service (588 pages). This volumes has written descriptions of the organizations and companies that helped the war effort. Among the organizations are the local Draft Boards, Red Cross, YMCA, YWCA, Jewish Welfare Board, Salvation Army and others. Companies that helped during the war included Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Gleason Works and others. Each of these has a great description of their work to help during the war.

Each volume can be viewed or downloaded separately as PDF files. They are very large files. Vol. 1- 16mb, Vol 2 – 51 mb and Vol.3 – 19 mb. These are direct links to the volumes: