Time and Date (dot com)

Time and Date is a website that I use at work to tell me the time in other time zones and countries. It also has some functions that can be used for genealogy; especially for calendars. If you run into an obit that says the person died “last Thursday” you can generate a calendar for that year on this website and tell what that day of the week was. After you create a calendar, you can change the language to another languages. So for a calendar for Belgium you can change to Dutch, French or German. The languages available depend on the country that you created the calendar for. The calendar also shows moon phases and major holidays. You can also change the calendar to show all holidays. Plus it knows when there were calendar changes. Did you know there were 11 missing days in September 1752 in the US and UK? Sweden had to add a February 30th in 1712 to make their calendar in line with the rest of Europe.

The website also has date calculators. These are useful if your genealogy program doesn’t have a calculator. One has blanks for start and end dates and will tell you the days between them. Another date calculator has a date and then lets you add or subtract years, months and days. So you could put in a death date and subtract the age listed on a tombstone and have the date of birth. Remember that calculating dates like that will always be approximate based on how good the information is that is put on a tombstone.

Put in a major city in the world and the website tells time, clock changes (daylight savings varies), moon phases and even the current weather for that city.

Lastly, a fun item on the website is the “Day and Night World Map” which shows the parts of the planet currently in daylight and night. Not very useful but it is fun to see what parts of the planet are currently in daylight. Enjoy!