Kodak News; March 18 – 22

Kodak Park South 2007

Kodak Park South in 2007


Kodak sold Co. has sold 180 acres of land in the former Kodak Park South for $1.4 million, according to documents in the County Clerk’s office. The buyer is LiDestri Food and Beverage a manufacturer of dips, sauces and beverages. In 2009 LiDestri bought the former Kodak building 642 and last year former building 508. This acquisition will give LiDestri will a tremendous amount of room to grow in the future.

The former Kodak Park South is bound by Ridgeway Ave., Lee Road, Lexington Ave. and Mt. Read Ave. The map on the right shows Kodak buildings in 2007. Click on it for a larger view.Besides LiDestri, the other major sale of the former Kodak Park South site was in 2008 when Buffalo-area developer Acquest bought Kodak’s former building 605, That was, at one time, Kodak’s warehouse that contained over 2 million square feet of space. Acquest has leased that building to many companies that are in need of warehouse space.

On Friday, Shutterfly photo service filed suit to shut down a Kodak app that lets users purchase single photos or create photo albums. The “My Kodak Moments App” is available for iOS, Android and Facebook. Shutterfly bought “Kodak Gallery” in 2012 for $23.8 million. As part of that deal Kodak agreed not to set up a duplicate business. Shutterfly said in their suit that the app violates the agreement by setting up a competing business and also is powered by the same technology as in “Kodak Gallery.” Kodak has not responded to the Shutterfly suit.