GenWeb Re-work

It has been a low priority; but I have been upgrading all the web pages on the GenWeb of Monroe County site. I started re-working the pages in February and just finished last week. Mostly it has been just reworking the coding to XHTML standard which just makes it so the pages look the same on various browsers. There are currently 882 web pages on the site. That may sound like a lot but I remind people that I started with just one page in 1996 and have been adding since. Plus I had Google check the website and their system didn’t like that many web pages had the same title so I added “1 of 5” or “page 3” to many titles to distinction pages.

I didn’t really know how many pictures I had on the website. I was surprised to find that in the Pictures section that there are about 950 pictures. Most of those are are old postcards but some are pictures from old books and some are ones that I have taken over the last few years.