Anti-Slavery Newspapers

A collection of Anti-Slavery and Abolitionist Newspapers, has been added to the New York Heritage website, courtesy of St. John Fisher College’s Lavery Library. This collection includes issues of Frederick Douglass newspapers that he published over many years. There are some issues of The North Star (1847 – 1851),  Frederick Douglass’ Paper (1851 – 1860?), Douglass’ Monthly (1858 – 1963) and and the New National Era (1870 – at least 1874). Mr. Douglass spent 25 years in Rochester before moving his family to Washington, DC. You will notice that some of the newspaper issues are in poor condition.

The Anti-Slavery and Abolitionist Newspapers at collection also includes several issues of other anti-slavery newspapers, including The Liberator, African Repository and Colonial Journal, and The Anti-Slavery Reporter. Lavery Library says that they will be adding more newspapers in the future.