New Local Cemetery Records

I recently added a new cemetery transcription list to the GenWeb of Monroe County website. It is for the Stone Road Cemetery which is a Jewish Cemetery which in NOT on Stone Road. When it opened about 1895 it was then Stone Road but that changed in 1935 when Stonewood Avenue opened. Portions of the cemetery were individually owned by Congregations. Then in the 1960s this cemetery and the Jewish cemetery on Britton Road in Greece were re–organized as the Britton Road Cemetery Association.

To do this transcription I took photos of every tombstone and then made the list of tombstones from the photos. Out of about 3,200 tombstones there were about 50 that were only in Hebrew. There were another 20 that were unreadable because of bushes growing over the tombstones or were blank. Then there were 4 photos that were so far out of focus that I couldn’t make out the inscriptions. I anyone wants them, I will add photos of the tombstones to the Find A Grave listing for this cemetery.

The listing for the Stone Road Cemetery was so large that I had to split it into 2 web pages. One for surnames: A – K and the other for surnames : L – Z.

I found online the records of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery that is on East Avenue in the Town of Clarkson. That cemetery was used by the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brockport from about 1856 to 1892 when the Church opened Mt. Olivet Cemetery. St. Mary’s Cem. fell into disrepair. In the early 1990s an earthen berm was constructed and most remaining tombstones were cemented into place on the berm.

St. Mary’s is difficult to find. There is a dirt road running north off of East Avenue into the woods. That dirt road is between the Seymour Library and the sewage treatment plant.

The online list contains all the existing tombstones and some burial information from other sources.

I have been told that there is a small cemetery that no one else has any records of. I don’t want to tell where it is, as of yet. But it is supposed to be in the country in the southern part of Monroe County. I will be investigating and see if I can find the cemetery and any remaining tombstones.