News of the past – Jan. 1909

Here’s some news from the first week on Jan. 1909.

An inquest was held on Jan. first for Mrs. Ada Patchin. She was on a trolley on North Street on Monday Dec. 28 when she told the conductor that she wanted to get off at Woodward St. The conductor told her that they just passed Woodward. While the conductor was getting ready to ring the bell for the motorman to stop at the next street, Mrs. Patchin went to the exit and stepped off the moving trolley. She was taken to the hospital but she died the next day.

A child in Clarkson has been quarentined for possible foot and mouth disease. (Name not given.)

A debate is going on as to where to put a new railroad station. Some want to put it over the Genesee River just off Central Avenue. (The railroad station is on Central Ave. in 2008 but not over the river.)

At McFarlin’s Clothing Co. they have marked down men’s suits that were selling from $18 to $22.50 before Christmas to $16.50.

A. Perrez grocery on West Main Street is selling 3 pounds of Hamburg steak for 25 cents.

Banks are all paying 4% on deposits.

The Mabbett-Bettys Motor Car Company (Plymouth Ave.) will be selling the Cadillac model 30 for $1400. Meanwhile, Arthur McNall on S. Union is selling a brand new Pope-Hartford limousine for ONLY $3750.