Plutonium Injections – Patient HP-7

This biography is in honor of one of the patients that were injected with plutonium in Rochester, NY during WWII.

Edna Mayne

A young Edna

Edna J. (Mayne) Bartholf was born 7 May 1886 to John W. and Phoebe M. Mayne. John was born in England and Phoebe was born in NY State.

Edna graduated from Geneseo Normal School (now SUNY Geneseo) and was listed as a teacher in the 1910 census but she was still living with her parents in the hamlet of Morganville (Town of Stafford), Genesee County, NY

About 1923 Edna married James H. Bartholf (born 22 Mar 1885). James’ father, Louis, was born in NY State and his mother, Matilda, was born in England.

Edna was active in the Morganville Congregational Church, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, the Ladies’ Aid Society an other civic groups.

James & Edna's tombstone

James & Edna's tombstone

Edna was admitted to the hospital suffering from rheumatic heart disease and thyroid problems. Her husband, James, was told that Edna would be undergoing an experimental procedure but not what it was. Edna was injected on 8 Feb. 1946 with .386 microcuries of plutonium at Strong Memorial Hospital. That is 55 times a normal lifetime dosage of radiation.

Edna died on 27 Oct. 1946 at aged 60 in Stafford, NY of pulmonary failure. She was buried in the Morganville Cemetery, Town of Stafford, NY. Next of kin refused exhumation in 1973 and 1977. That was probably her husband, James, as he died in Dec. 1980. He is also buried in the Morganville Cemetery.

Edna Bartholf

Edna Bartholf