Re-burials to Holy Sepulchre Cem.

A few days ago I posted the third of three lots of tombstones in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery that I copied this last summer. Holy Sep. has a kiosk in their lobby in which you can look up burials. So why did I copy three lots of tombstones inscriptions? Because they have re-burials from earlier Catholic cemeteries.

Lot 9 in the East Division is a lot made up completely of family plots. It also was one of the first lots opened in Holy Sep. in 1871. After Holy Sep. began then families began moving burials from the older cemeteries. There are 136 tombstone inscriptions dated before Holy Sep. began.  I speculate that most of the re-burials came from St. Joseph’s Cemetery. That is because that cemetery was closed soon after 1871 because one of the railroads wanted the land for a railroad yard. In April 1872 the remaining burials in St. Joseph’s were dug up and re-buried in Holy Sepulchre. The procedure that used was that people could claim their family members and have them moved to the new family plot in Holy Sep. Those burials not claimed were also moved to Holy Sepulchre but no one has ever been able to tell me where they are located. If you look at the 136 early inscriptions in lot 9 East then you do find a large number of German names.

I have asked at Holy Sep. and the Rochester Diocese for names of people that were buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery but no one seems to have any records. So these 136 early tombstone inscriptions are records not listed in the Holy Sep. kiosk. But because they are in family lots, later burials are listed together with the ealy deaths.