Genealogy Myths

James Tanner on his blog; “Genealogy’s Star” wrote about some genealogy myths. His first posting deals with these myths:

  • Genealogy is the second largest hobby in America
  • Genealogy and Family History are two different pursuits
  • Genealogists are all retired
  • Everything you need to find you family’s history in online
  • Genealogical family trees can be traced back to Adam.
  • With all the new online tools, there is no need to be a genealogist anymore
  • With all the online family trees, there is no longer a need for a desktop genealogy program.

His second posting deals with these myths:

  • The Three Brothers Myth
  • The Indian Princess Myth
  • The Family Crest Myth
  • The courthouse burned and all the records were lost.
  • Ellis Island Name Change Myth
  • You can find you family history online
  • Famous Person Connection Myth

Check out what Mr. Tanner has to say about all of those myths.