Find A Grave on FamilySearch

An announcement from FamilySearch yesterday mentioned that they now have records from Find A Grave, I did a search on the direct link to the database on FamilySearch and was surprised that I couldn’t find records that I had put on Find A Grave. I then went over to the Find A Grave website to make sure that the records were still there. They were still there. It took me a while to figure out that I should have read the FamilySeacrh announcement better. They said that they have 1,483,770 records from Find A Grave. Find A Grave says that they have over 104 million records. I’m not sure why FamilySearch only has 1.5 million records. It should be easy for them to transfer all the data. For now, go directly to the Find A Grave website to find more people. Hopefully FamilySearch will get all the records in the future.

I am amazed at all the records that I have been able to find on Find A Grave. It keeps growing every day. In May 2011 there were 62 million records on there. Now over 104 million. Plus some of the records have pictures of the person’s tombstone.