New TV Shows of Fall 1963 – NBC

NBC had 11 new shows starting the the fall of 1963. None could be considered to be a big hit. The links in the titles are to Wikipedia to where you can find more information on each show. These were the new shows that aired (All times Eastern Time Zone):

  • The Bill Dana Show; Sunday at 7:30. Bill Dana had done his character, Jose Jimenez before on the Steve Allen Show. In this series Jose was a Latin American working as a bellhop at a NYC hotel but always dreaming of becoming something more. Also on the show was Don Adams as a bumbling hotel detective. The show lasted a season and a half. View the first season opening credits on YouTube.
  • Grindl; Sunday at 8:30. Imogene Coca starred in this comedy about a temp employee that had a different job every week. One week she could be a maid, laundress, cook or babysitter. It only lasted one season. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Hollywood and the Stars; Monday at 9:30. Documentary series about Hollywood movies and biographies of movie stars. It aired after the NBC Monday Night Movie. Lasted one season.
  • Mr. Novak; Tuesday at 7:30. James Franciscus  starred in a drama series about an English teacher in a Los Angeles school. This was Mr. Novak’s first teaching job and he tried to get involved in the lives of students and other teachers. Aired for 2 seasons. View opening credits on YouTube.
  • Redigo; Tuesday at 8:30. In the Previous season NBC had an hour long series Empire which only was on for a single season. One of the characters in that series was Jim Redigo that was spun off into this new half hour series. This series only lasted until December.
  • The Richard Boone Show; Tuesday at 9:00. An anthology in which a stock cast would play different roles each week. It lasted one season.
  • Espionage; Wednesday at 9:00. An anthology of spy dramas based on stories in Europe. Filmed on location in Europe by British company ATV.
  • Temple Houton; Thursday ay 7:30. Jeffrey Hunter played the title character in this western of a circuit-riding lawyer. It was based on the real life son of Sam Houston. Also in this series was Jack Elam as a former gunslinger that traveled with Mr. Houston. This series lasted just a single season.
  • Kraft Suspense Theater; Thursday at 10:00. The Kraft Company had been sponsoring anthology and music series for many years. This was a new title for their former Kraft Mystery Theater. This series was on for 2 seasons.
  • Harry’s Girls; Friday at 9:30. Harry Burns (Larry Blyden) had an old fashioned vaudeville act with 3 young women. The only place he could get any bookings was in Europe. The series was filmed in southern France. It only lasted until Jan. 1964.