Ancestors at Albany Dutch Reformed Church

2nd Church built in 1715

2nd Church built in 1715

It is possible that my mother’s and father’s ancestors cross paths in the late 1600s? Both attended the Albany (NY) Dutch Reformed Church. That church started in 1642 in what was then known as Beverwijck (“Beaver Town”) and renamed Albany in 1664 when the English took over. The church records begin in 1683. Those have been published and are also online.

On my mother’s side of the family, is Jacob Janse Gardenier who was born about 1619 in the Netherlands. He was a carpenter that came to build in the new world. In those dates you also had to make your own lumber, so he soon ended up building a saw mill. He returned to Holland in 1642 were he married Josina (last name unknown). Jacob returned to the Albany area but settled on the east of the Hudson River. As the area grew Jacob acquired more saw mills and invested in a ship that sailed from Albany to Manhattan. Jacob and Josina had a least 9 children (1648-1669) that were probably baptized at the Dutch Reformed church in Albany as it was the only church for many miles. Josina died sometime before 28 Feb. 1669, when Jacob paid the Albany church for the use of her funeral pall. Jacob died about 1688.

Jacob and Josina’s last child was also named Josina (maybe her mother had died of childbirth). In 1689 she married Edward Wheeler in the Albany Church. According to the marriage record, Edward was from New England. He was probably of English descent. Ten of the 13 children of Edward and Josina were baptized in the Albany church between 1692 and 1713.

On my father’s side of the family, is Cornelis Van der Hoeve who was born in the Netherlands about 1642. Cornelis purchased a house in Albany on 3 June 1672. He was a cartman as recorded in the records of Albany. He and his wife (some say she was Mayte Beekman) had at least 8 children. The last 3 children show up in records of the Albany Church (1685 – 1689). Cornelis died in 1689 and was said to be buried in the Albany church cemetery. After that Cornelis’ widow moved to Flatbush, Kings County were she remarried.

So could the Van der Hoven family have known the Gardinier and/or Wheeler families? It seems possible especially seeing that Albany was so small in those days.