Genealogy Roadshow – First Season & Next Season

roadshow“Genealogy Roadshow” on PBS has ended their first season. There were only 4 episodes filmed. If you missed any of the episodes or want to watch them again, they can be viewed online for a short time here on PBS on the web. This season was just a trial to see if there would be interest in the series. It must have had good ratings as they are already “casting” for the next season. If you think that you might have an interest in being on the series, you can apply here online.

The application to be on “Genealogy Roadshow” asks some interesting and detailed questions about your family and your family’s genealogy. Here are some of the questions:

  • What is your story and why is it important to you to find out now?
  • Summarize the specific questions that you would like answered by the show.
  • What would uncovering this information about your family mean to you and your family?
  • Do you have a GEDCOM¬† File? (If yes, they want you to upload the GEDCOM.)
  • Do you have an item that traces back to an ancestor or could help uncover additional information?
  • Do you have DNA to be considered or processed?
  • Is your story an adoption case?

They also would like you to upload a photo of yourself and any ancestors related to your family story.