Tombstone Tuesday: A Tombstone for Grandma

Grandma's tombstone

Grandma’s tombstone

Back in the first week of September I went to Dunkirk, NY to take a photo of the tombstone of my grandmother, Jocelia (Buell) Halsey. She was buried in the Wollowbrook Park Cemetery and as I remember it, she was buried near her sister, Grace, who had died before her. It took a while but I found Grace and buried next to her was my aunt Lucia (Halsey) Meekin. But I couldn’t find a tombstone for my grandmother.

This cemetery was unusual in that there was a notice on the maintenance shed for a person to contact for information. On most small cemeteries, you don’t have any contact information.

The man that maintains the cemetery checked his records and then looked in the cemetery and said that she didn’t have a tombstone. So I asked him about a company nearby that sold tombstones. I got a price but then thought that I might be able to save some money by buying on the internet. Prices varied great on the internet but I ended up saving 45%. I had approval at 2 steps in the process. They sent a artistic mock-up for approval and then they sent the picture at right after it was carved and before they shipped the tombstone. After my approval, the tombstone was then shipped from Georgia to the cemetery.

When my grandmother died in 1974, she had been at a nursing home for about 3 years. My uncle had been taking care of her needs and had notified us when she died. There wasn’t any funeral. There was only a memorial at the cemetery with just my uncle, my mother, my brother and myself. We had always assumed that my uncle would place a tombstone but he never did. Now grandma will have the memorial she deserves.