Local Authors Book Sale

Historic Genesee Country

Historic Genesee Country

The Greece Historical Society will host a local author day at the Greece Museum this Sunday, November 10th from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.  Patrons can visit the museum and talk with 12 local authors, and you can purchase autographed copies directly from the authors.  This is an opportunity to let the public meet local writers in this area whose books primarily highlight local history. It is also an opportunity to purchase holiday gifts.

The following is a list of authors and their books:

Rulon E. Simmons – I Love Rochester New York

Rose O’Keefe – Historic Genesee Country: A Guide to Its Lands and Legacies and Frederick & Anna Douglass in Rochester NY (just published this month)

Linda Bartash-Dawley – Horses in Motion: The History of Carousels in Monroe County, NY and Beyond and Carouseling New York: A Historical Glimpse of New York State’s Carousels 

Richard O. Reisem – Myron Holley: Canal Builder/Abolitionist/Unsung HeroGravestones in Mount Hope Cemetery, and Frederick Douglass and the Underground Railroad

Marilyn Lowden Koss Wright – Patchwork Pieces of My Life  Vol. I and Vol. II

Michael T. Keene Mad-House-The Hidden History of Insane Asylums in 19th Century New YorkMurder, Mayhem and Madness-150 Years of Crime and Punishment in Western New York, Folklore and Legends of Rochester and The Mystery of Hoodoo Corner  and Anthology. – Three Complete Audio Books with DVD.

Christopher Carosa – 50 Hidden Gems of Greater Western, New York 

Donovan Shilling – A Rochester Ramble, A Towpath Tale and Rochester’s Movie Mania

Marie Poinan  Discover Charlotte, History of Northgate Plaza, Fire and Flames-History of Firefighting in Charlotte, History of the Elmtree/Yates Thayer Farm, A Blast from Charlotte’s Past, Life in the Past Lane- Pictorial History of the Charlotte Community Association and Four Bridges – Story of the Bridges in Charlotte

Susan Gateley – Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario Shipwrecks, Legends and Lore of Lake Ontario, Twinkle Toes and the Riddle of the Lake, Passages On Inland Waters, The Edge Walker’s Guide to Lake Ontario Beach Combing, Ariadne’s Death Heroism and Tragedy On Lake Ontario Living on the Edge with Sara B

Sally Valentine – There Are No Buffalo in Buffalo, The Ghost of the Charlotte LighthouseTheft at George Eastman House, What Stinks? An Adventure in Highland Park, and Lost at Seabreeze – It’s not fair!

Dennis P. Bielewicz – Heroes in the Attic – the Untold Story of Two Civil War Soldiers