Top Songs of 1963; #23

The last song to hit the top of the record chart in 1963 was very unusual. “Dominique” was written and preformed by by The Singing Nun also known as  “Sœur Sourire” (“Sister Smile”). The song is about Saint Dominic, a Spanish-born priest and founder of the Dominican Order, of which the Sister was a member. Although the French version became the version of the song that was played by radio stations, the Sister also recorded the song in English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Portuguese.

The Singing Nun was born Jeanne Paule Deckers in Belgium in 1933. In 1959 she became a nun and took the name Sister Luc-Gabrielle. She recorded an album of songs in 1961 which included “Dominique” The song became an international hit and she sang it on The Ed Sullivan Show on 5 January 1964. She left the convent in 1966. She recorded a few more records but they weren’t successful. She died in 1985.

Dominique” was the top song on the Cash Box record chart for the weeks of Nov. 24 – Dec. 28 (5 wks.). It was the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 4 weeks (Dec. 1 – 28).

As 1963 ended, there were rumors about a group from England that were becoming very popular. We were about to be invaded in 1964.