Why You Need to Backup Your Data

internet-archiveA couple of weeks ago there was at fire at one of the regional offices of the Internet Archive. They are a major repository of digital information on the internet. They have 1.5 million videos, 1.8 audio files (music and audio books) and 5.5 million texts including many books for the genealogist. They also maintain a collection of 366 billion webpages saved over time including some of my web pages from 1997.

The fire destroyed cameras, lights, and scanning equipment used to scan books. Thankfully, no one was hurt. None of the data was held at that Internet Archive  office. Also they maintain servers in many locations to backup their invaluable data.

There is always a possibility that your data can be destroyed from some unforeseen circumstance. If you haven’t done so already, you also need to have a backup of your data in some other location. Their are a number of online places that you can backup your data to the internet for a modest prices. If you have only a small amount of data (under 2 gb) then you can probably find free data storage. Start at this Wikipedia page which compares most of the backup systems.