1 Major and 1 Minor Event from Nov. 22, 1963

It was fifty years ago that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. There have been many TV programs and news reports this week dealing with the life and death of Pres. Kennedy. I remember that I was in study hall school when his assassination was announced. The school fell silent but I could her someone quietly sobbing. There had been other presidential assassinations in history but this marked the first time that I remember a historic event having a dramatic effect on the whole country.

The second thing that happened on Nov. 23rd was a news report on the CBS Morning News. They ran a 5 minute story about an upcoming English group called the Beatles. The story was supposed to also run that evening on the CBS news but because of the Kennedy assassination it didn’t run until a few weeks later. Jack Paar, who had a talk show at the time, says that he was the first in the US to report on the Beatles. In fact, that was about a month later.

Below is the CBS report (note that it has the wrong date):