News of the past – Jan. 1909

More news from early January 1909.

The playgrounds of Rochester were featured in the January 1909 issue of the national magazine,  “The Playground.”  Articles in the magazine had interviews with Mayor Edgerton and the park’s department president, Alexander B. Lamberton. Also featured were pictures of the playgrounds at Number 26 & 14 schools, Brown Square and Seneca Park.

Two new vaudeville theaters will be built in Rochester. James H. Moore will build the Temple Theater on Clinton Avenue South. The Gordon Brothers will open the 1000 seat Family Theater on Clinton Avenue North. They will also show motion pictures besides having vaudeville acts.

Town of Pittsford taxes for 1909 were more than doubled to $9.96 per $1000 of assessed property value. This was because the building of a new street and a voting machine for East Rochester (then about half in the Town of Pittsford).

It is January and E. W. Edwards (department store) is having their annual white sale of towels, sheets, napkins, etc. Bleached bath towels are selling for 5 cents each and sheets for a double bed are 35 cents each.

A respectable funeral including a casket is available for $50 from C. E. Strauchen, undertaker on North Street.