Adding Sources to FamilySearch Family Tree

I like the idea of collaboration on FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT). Anyone can make changes to the vast collection of family records. Some people are afraid that data that they put on FSFT will be changed. If they have a source that I don’t have then it is a great thing to make a change.

Over the last couple of months I have been adding sources to the Wilklow family data on FSFT. About 90% of that data came from me. I had uploaded a GEDCOM of data to Ancestry File about 1999 and that data had been migrated to FSFT. The first part of my project was to add sources that were on FamilySearch. I would open 2 windows; one on the sources page and another on FSFT. I went through every indexed database  of vital records for every state looking for family records.  Once you find a record that you want to attach as a source, it couldn’t be  easier. You just click on the blue “Attach to Family Tree” button.

fsft-sourceWhen you do the click, it will give you a list of people to attach the source to. Sometimes the person you want to attach thee source to doesn’t come up on the list. Then you can go back to the FSFT window and find the ID number of the person. Once you select the person you want, the source is automatically attached. If you make a mistake, you can always unattach the source.

I added at least 300 sources. It was easy and others will be able to see those sources and also click on it in FSFT. That will will let them also see that source. The best thing is that FSFT or maybe whatever it becomes in the future will be around for many years.

Going through every database on FamilySearch may not work as well for common names. I wouldn’t even try to do it for Halsey. Wilklow is a rather obscure surname. The next part of my project is to add sources for the Wilklow family that aren’t on FamilySearch.