Disposing of Old Media

VHS tapes

VHS tapes

The Rochester Public Library has decided to get rid of their collections of VHS tapes and records. The VHS tapes are on the first floor of the Rundel Memorial Library Building. You just can take tapes off the shelf and purchase them at the Circulation Desk. The price is only one dollar each.

The records are even cheaper. They are FREE. They are located one the first floor  of the Bausch & Lomb building. The library is putting out a new batch of record every day through the end of the month.


  1. I sincerely hope they have saved the content electronically in lieu of just throwing it out. Its like tearing down old buildings. Its disheartening.

    • They really can’t legally save any of the content as it is all copyrighted. There are a few records that haven’t been released on CDs but it is something like 1 out of 1000. It is probably even less for VHS tapes that aren’t available on DVD.

    • The day I was there last week they were all 33rpm albums and mostly show tunes. Some Broadway and some movie soundtracks. What’s available should change daily as they put out some every day.

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