Old News – Wolves

I recent found this interesting old newspaper article while searching for something else.

Wed., January 31, 1917

Resident Has Thrilling Experience Get­ting Away From Pack

wolfPacks of wolves have been causing no small amount of  consternation and fear to the vicinity of Victor recently, as well as in other sections of Ontario county.

One evening recently about 10 o’clock, two wolves attacked James Cook. of  Victor. as he was driving to his home in the country, after working overtime at the Lock Insulator factory, where he is employed. He had crossed the overhead bridge just outside the corporation east of the village, when two savage animals sprang at his horse, also jumping for young Cook, who was alone. He managed in desperation to beat them off, and in some way he hardly knows how, he whirled the frightened horse about and run him back to the village.

When he reached a local barber shop, which was still open, he ran in and told his story.

Sunday morning, at 8 o’clock, Miss Kate Ryan. who resided with her sis­ter on the farm of the late William Ryan. two miles east of’ Victor, aa she stood at a window overlooking the flats, saw in plain view and quite near their home a pack of seven, or eight wolves. which appeared to be feeding on bits of grass which protruded through the snow near a brook.

Miss Ryan, in her excitement, ran to the door and called to her sister, who was at the barn hitching up their horse for the sisters to drive to Victor to early church, calling out, “Come quick, if you want to see the wolves!” Then she returned to the window finding them still there.

A moment later be whole pack turned and loped off southward to the near by woods. The news flew rapidly after the sisters had notified a brother across the way, and a general alarm was given. An effort was made to track the animals Sunday but without avail.

A day or two later twenty farmers equipped for the hunt, left Victor, and more than as many left Mertensia and vicinity, making in all over fifty and although the search was kept up nearly all day, the high wind and blinding snow made it impossible to track any­thing.

Within two days two wolves were glimpsed at the chicken house of Richard Barry. about two and a half miles from the village. on Cherry
street, but took alarm find ran away before any harm was done. Reports have been circulated within the past two weeks that upwards of forty sheep have bean killed at East Bloomfield in a mysterious manner.