Review of 2013 Additions on Monroe Co. GenWeb; part 1

Over the next few days I will looking at things that I added to the GenWeb of Monroe Co. Website.

In my last blog post I mentioned that I finished scanning and posting records from the 1869-70 business directory of Monroe County. I did the Town of Wheatland in 2002, a couple more Towns in 2003 and a few more in 2005 but didn’t ever finish scanning the rest of the towns until the end of this year. The whole directory is available in two places; as a PDF file from Rochester Public Library and as many file formats from the Internet Archive. The file from RPL has scanning problems. Somehow in many cases the word “farmer” has been changed to “fanner” and some other similar scanning errors. Usually when you scan a book, it doesn’t change the word images but the words have been changed in the RPL file.  By putting the records in the directory on the GenWeb site, I think it helps people to more easily find their family. The directory records are on the Vital Record page. under each town

Militia at the Arsenal in 1880

Militia at the Arsenal in 1880

I created a sub-website of pictures in mid November 2012. At that time there were approx. 1200  pictures and now there are 1880. I also rescanned as many pictures as I could find of the original 1200 and made them available as much larger size. You can download the pictures and use them for your non-commercial use. You can also write comments. I have made it so I have to review the comments before they are posted to stop spam comments.

If you look at the 15 most viewed pictures, they are a mixed bunch. The most popular picture (at right) is a local Militia standing in front of what was the arsenal in 1880. That building was later Convention Hall then as a Naval Reserve training center. Now it is GEVA Theatre. Some of the other most viewed pictures are 3 pictures that I took of the carousel at Ontario Beach Park and a picture of a train wreck in Charlotte that my friend Rob took. Then there are pictures of a bicycle, a motorcycle and an auto manufactured in Rochester. It is also nice to see that a picture of James Hard is one of the most viewed. He was the last surviving soldiers of the Civil War living in Monroe County.

You can create an account on the picture pages. That gives you the  opportunity to customize the background colors. You also can increase the number of thumbnails to show on a page. That way you can see all the thumbnails on a single page.

This year people viewed slightly over 1 million pictures. I’m always looking for more pictures or postcards to add.