Archival Supplies

Do you have old family photos protected? Do you have any old family letters in a shoebox? You should be protecting all your family treasures. There is a local company that sells archival supplies to protect just about anything that you want to save for future generations. Bags Unlimited sells many more products than its name suggests. I have bought storage boxes, photo pages and a few different sizes of bags. One size of bags is for my postcard collection to keep them clean and protected. I also bagged some old maps and magazines. I put photos into photo pages made of polypropylene, which is archival safe. Some pages are for 4X6 photos and others are for 3.5 X 5. Odd size photos I mount to cards using archival safe photo corners and then put into a pocket. Then I put the photo pages into a binder called the “UniKeep” that seals up to keep the photos save. Those binders also work well for paper items like old ticket stubs and programs. I use photo corners to hold the items onto a 8.5 X 11 sheet of archival paper and use what are called “top loaders” that fit perfectly into the “UniKeep” binder.

Bags Unlimited also has archival storage containers for records, stamps and sports cards. If you collect just about anything, they probably have something to protect that collection.

You will quickly note when looking at the website that archival supplies aren’t cheap. I think they are well worth the price to keep family heirlooms protected.

Bags Unlimited are located at 7 Canal Street near downtown Rochester. If you live in the Rochester area you can go and pick-up your order. They are only open weekdays. I’ll tell you a secret that they don’t mention on their website nor in their catalog. If you pick up at their office they give a 10% discount. Also be sure to pick up a catalog while you are there.