Happy New Year and Additions for 2014

newyear-2013Happy New Year!

I hope this is the year that you find that elusive ancestor.

You are probably asking what I am going to be adding the GenWeb of Monroe County this year.

I’m only guessing but I think I will try to add more marriages from The Daily Record and also marriages & deaths from newspapers of the early 1830’s. I also have more Kodak booklets and brochures to scan. I also have some other random booklets that I will scan. Also I will be adding some Monroe County family genealogies. These are short 2 or 3 generation genealogies that were published in the early 1900s. I’ve already started compiling those and should have the first set online within a month or two. I’m sure there will other things that currently I can’t even speculate about. Keep checking the What’s New page.