Top Songs of 1964; #2

The second song to hit the top of the record charts in 1964  was “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen. The song was banned in some places because some people thought that the lyrics were indecent. In fact, the lead singer would later say that he had forgotten the words so he just mumbled. The song is known for its “raw’ sound. Part of the reason is that the song was recorded in a hurry and recorded in just one take.

The Kingsmen were from Portland, Oregon and after “Louie Louie” they only had one other hit song. That was “The Jolly Green Giant” that got up to number 4 on the charts in 1965. After that the group started having problems and they broke up into separate bands.

Louie Louie” was on the top of the Cash Box record chart for 2 weeks (Jan. 5 – Jan. 185). It only made it up to the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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  1. In between beer kegs & pizza along with the required study & writing papers, speculating on the lyrics of “Louis Louis” was a typical passtime at SUNY Geneseo for the freshman class. The more scandalous we could make the lyrics, the better! It was a wonderful time for us.

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