Free trials

I get mad when some websites (genealogy and non-genealogy) offer free trials and the first thing they ask for is your credit card number. Plus they make you call to discontinue before they automatically charge you. If you can sign-up on the web why shouldn’t you be able to discontinue using the web? Let’s hope that they get the message and make a free trial really free.

A couple of websites are offering really free trials right now. Footnote has free access to their 1930 census records until the end of August. You do have to create an account by giving them a valid e-mail account but no credit card number. I already had all my direct line ancestors but I started searching for other “cousins” and came up with more people than I expected.

Also World Vital Records is giving free access to ALL their records but only until the end of the day on August 13th. Again you need to create an account with a valid e-mail address. World Vital Records is available for free at the LDS Family History Centers but it was nice to be able to search at home when I could spend more time searching. Update: The free trial is extended until the end of the day of August 18th

These websites know what the word “free” means.