Early Rochester Family Records

Anah (Babcock) Yates

Anah (Babcock) Yates

I have uploaded the first of a set of web pages of genealogies for some early Rochester area families. I named it page 41 of biographies but it really is family genealogies. The records came from a newspaper column called “Early Rochester Family Records” but it included early families from all over the region. The column ran in the Rochester Post-Express from July 9, 1910 to Apr. 13, 1912. This first web page only includes columns from the first few months. I will prepare the rest of the series over the next 6 months (or so). Some of the family genealogies go back to an immigrant ancestor in the 1600s.

The author of the newspaper column was Anah (Babcock) Yates. She was born in Millport, NY and came to Rochester at an early age. In 1890 she was married to Frederick W. Yates. Mrs. Yates was active in many charitable and philanthropic enterprises.

Mrs. Yates was one of the founders of the Rochester Historical Society. She was also an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She also was state genealogist of the New York Historical Society for many years. I have been interested in her genealogy works for many years. Her cemetery transcription include many inscriptions that are no longer readable. A lot of her cemetery records were later placed in the collections of the DAR.

Mrs. Yates died at her home on East Avenue in Rochester August 9, 1932. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

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  1. Thanks for posting this records. I didn’t find any family on this page, but I’m looking forward to seeing the others you will add. It’s also fun to read about the activities of these families and the contributions they made to the area.

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