1874 Atlas of Ontario County

1874-ontarioThe Rochester Public Library recently added the 1874 Atlas of Ontario Co., NY to their collection of digitized books. This atlas is in PDF format. I like the PDF format because you can make a PDF as large as you want. This atlas is one that shows where homes of people are located. Also the maps show schoolhouses, churches and cemeteries.

This atlas is too early to find any of my relatives. They moved to Ontario County much later. How about you? Do you have any relatives that lived in Ontario County in 1974?

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  1. This map is interesting for several reasons. I found several families that lived in Ontario county at that time. I also noticed that North Bloomfield was included on the map, but I thought that was part of the town of Lima, in Livingston County.

    The railroad lines that are included in the state map and the map of the whole county are very interesting. Members of my family moved around the state and to other states around that time, and the railroad maps show how they got there. They may also explain why people moved to the towns and cities they did.

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