Rochester – Convention City – 1912

convention-city-1912The Rochester Public Library recently added a booklet to their online digital collection titled Rochester, N. Y.; The Convention City. It was published in 1912 by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. It was an early attempt to get organizations to bring their conventions to Rochester for their meetings. Rochester already had a Convention Hall on Washington Square Park (now GEVA theatre) so it was a natural for the C. of C. to try to get organizations to come to Rochester.

The booklet extolls the points of interest to the city. It also tells how easy it is to get to and get around Rochester. The booklet includes these facts about Rochester in 1912:

  • Population: 225,000
  • Bank Clearances 1911: $223,546,084
  • Assessed Valuation 1911: $175,500,932
  • Hotels: 57
  • Hospitals: 9
  • Value of woodworking output: over $6,000,000 annually
  • Leather and leather manufactured goods: $8,000,000 annually
  • High grade men;s clothing: over $32,000,000 annually
  • Boot and shoe output: over $18,000,000 annually
  • Mean altitude above the sea level: 510 feet
  • Over 149 miles of trolley roads within the city limits.
  • Largest thermometer plant in the world.
  • Largest optical works in the world.
  • Largest manufactory of photographic supplies and apparatus in the world/