Top Songs of 1964; #3

iwantoholdyourhandThis is the start of the British Invasion. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” has hit the top of the record charts. The Beatles had a hit in Britain in November 1963 with “She Loves You” but that wasn’t their first hit in the US. The Beatles wouldn’t be on the Ed Sullivan Show for another month but all the disk-jockeys were playing all the Beatles songs that they could get. The Beatles became such a big hit that other British groups would find it easy to “cross the pond.” It would also signal the end of many traditional music artists that feel out of popularity.

I Want to Hold Your Hand” would stay on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart for 7 weeks (Jan. 26 – March 14) only to be knocked out of the top spot by another Beatles song. The song was also be the number one song on the Cash Box chart for 8 weeks (Jan. 19 – March 14).

The Beatles have an Official website that also includes a link to download songs from iTunes. (Beatles songs can not be downloaded from Amazon.)