Old News

More news from the past.

Thurs., February 12, 1914

Local and Vicinity Notes

red-cross-1913Among the cash prizes offered to rural schools for the sale of Red Cross Seals the first prize of $5 to the grade in a Union Free School went to Brockport Grammar School, Miss Gladys M. Smith, teacher Twenty-eight pupils sold 1362 seals.

The legality of “Farmers’ Clubs” and other similar organizations formed in no-license towns for the ostensible purpose of providing liquor for thirsty members at hotels or at other places is being tested in the case of the State Commissioner of Excise against the so-called “Agricultural Club” of Kendall, the “members” of which when recently arrested for having liquor for distribution all claimed to be part owners of the same as members of the club.

Fred Smith and family had a narrow escape from serious injury, this morning when the frozen water pipes of a stove burst from steam pressure, blowing out the front of the stove and hurling pieces of iron about the room.

A second disaster befell the plate glass window in Simmons’ Drug store when the terrific wind of last Saturday overbalanced the big sign of the Lyric Theater which Mr. Whiting and an assistant were moving and sent it crashing through the window.