Early Rochester Family Records; #3

Early-Rochester-family-recordsI added the third page of records from the old newspaper column “Early Rochester Family Records” that were published between 1910 and 1912. The records are on Page 43 of Biographies. Highlights of families on this page are:

  • Archibald Crandall family Bible records
  • Rev. Francis Cuming family
  • Letters from Sunderland P. Gardner describing his family
  • General Jonathan Fassett family
  • Mayor Jonathan Child family
  • General Vincent Mathews family
  • Abelard Reynolds family
  • Nathaniel Rochester family
  • Peter Sheffer family (of Wheatland)
  • Hiram Sibley family (of Western Union Co.)
  • Walker family of Brighton & Perinton
  • Rev. Comfort Williams family
  • and a lot of small family records

I still have more family records to come.