Pictures of Monroe County, NY

pics-pageI started adding pictures to the GenWeb of Monroe County website about 1997 or 1998. At that time everyone had slower internet connections so most of the pictures were rather small. Plus I had to hand code all the webpages that the pictures were on. That got really tedious and it was difficult to add new add new pictures. That all changed in November 2012 when I moved all the pictures to a sub-website.

The picture pages use a free application named Piwigo. It makes it much easier for me and I can even add a picture to more than one menu. For you it makes it much easier to navigate. You can pick the size of the picture you want to display. You can also download all the pictures and if you do, in most cases you will find it is even larger than the size you can view on the internet. That’s because since I moved the pictures, I have rescanned as many pictures as I could find and made them much bigger than they were a couple of years ago.  You can also rate the pictures on a scale of 1 to 6.

If you register on the picture page there some additional things that you can do. First you can leave comments. I originally had it so you could leave comments with registering but I quickly got spam comments. So I had to make a person register to leave a comment. You can also change the background color theme if you register. The best things is you can change the number of thumbnails that appear on a page. The default is only 20 but if you register you can set it as high as you want. I set my number of thumbnails to 125. that means I never have to page through pages of thumbnails

The largest part of the collection of pictures are old postcards. You should know that even old postcards were altered. They were originally black and white photos that were colorized. Some of the colors were added for dramatic effect and may not be accurate. I have also seen some postcards that have people, autos and a stage coach added to the original photo. Trees have leaves added and telephone poles disappear in some of the postcards.

Some of the pictures are from old books. I have a small collection of area history books but I also have found some unique digital books online. I can split digital books into separate pages and then  clean them up using Photoshop. That’s how I was able to recently add a collection of bank ads with pictures from the early 1900s. They came from books that were published by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. They were trying to show everyone how progressive Rochester was in those days.

When I moved the pictures to the picture pages I had approx. 1200 pictures. Now there are almost 2000 and I’m always looking for some new pictures to add.