Childhood memories that are confused

I grew up in Elmira, NY. We first got a TV about 1953. I have a memory of a channel 24 in Elmira that signed on about 5:00 in the afternoon and the first program on every day during the week was Jungle Jim starring Johnny Weissmuller. Also I remember that channel 24’s antenna blew down from a hurricane.

I found a reference to channel 24 on Wikipedia. It says that channel 24 sign on in 1953 and the antenna blew down from Hurricane Hazel in October 1954.

Then I looked on both the Internet Movie Database and and they both say that Jungle Jim only had 26 episodes that were on once a week from September 1955 to March 1956.

My memories from 50+ years ago aren’t correct.  Jungle Jim couldn’t have been on the station as it was gone before the TV series started. Plus there were only 26 episodes ever made.  Hard to believe that my memories might be wrong.

I also remember that in the opening of the show Johnny makes a high dive. I found the opening credits and posted the video on YouTube. At least the high dive was a correct memory.