Updates to Find A Grave and Billion Graves

siblingsSince Ancestry bought Find A Grave last year, the change that I like best is that they added a list of siblings to each person’s memorial. That only took some minor reprogramming as the siblings were from links that people created when they added children to a parent. My grandfather, Archie Halsey, (click image for larger view) has more siblings listed than his 3 brother and a sister. That is because also listed are some of his half brothers and sisters. Notice at the bottom of the image that it says two asterisks are used for half siblings.

F-A-G changed the way updates to a memorial are made. Before you sent a text message to the person that managed the memorial. Now you go to an edit screen and the changes are sent to the person managing the memorial for approval.

F-A-G now has an app for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With the app you can search and view records already on the website. You can also add photos to memorials that don’t have a photo of the tombstone. You can also add new memorials but you should check to made sure there isn’t a memorial for a person before adding so as to not duplicate a person. An Android app is planned for the near future.

Billion Graves has had an app for both Apple and Android devices. They have been sharing their records on FamilySearch for a while but recently made an agreement to share records with MyHeritage. MyHeritage is going to update the Billion Grave app to add support for at least 25 languages. To show their commitment to Billion Graves, recently MyHeritage had 80 employees take about 50,000 pictures of tombstones in a single cemetery in a single day in Israel near their headquarters.

To take pictures for Billion Graves you need either a smart phone or a camera that can record GPS coordinates. My digital camera doesn’t have GPS capability. That why I don’t put any photos on Billlion Graves.

Current tallies are that Billion Graves currently has approx. 6.8 million records and Find A Grave has approx. 112 million. You need to check both of those websites regularly to check for any new data

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  1. Hi Dick,

    As you know, I research almost every day. Even with all the “on-hands” time doing my family research and even though I regularly go on Find-a-grave, I am pleased that you gave us the information about FAG and the apps available for my iPad and that ancestry.com bought FAG, too.

    I guess we tend to have tunnel vision about our own research and sometimes don’t step off the “family path” to see what is going on in the world.

    I’m going to download the apps and snoop on ancestry.com to see what else is going on with them. What’s new and what’s old that I missed.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Heck, I even like your ads.

    Annie Bowie

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