Old News – Lady’s Motoring Coats

More old news. This time from the “Woman’s Page” when most all automobiles were open.


Friday, April 3, 1914
Rochester, NY


The Correct Wrap For the Woman Who is Devoted to Motoring

motoring-coat-1914With the return of spring and its many possibilities in the way of out-door sports, the woman who is fond of these recreations casts about for new and suitable clothes.

One of the most useful garments is a long coat which can be used for driving or motoring. Dress and sports coats have extended sleeves.

The modish coats for motoring in cold weather are of heavy mannish mixtures, English and Scotch tweeds, serges, cheviots, gabardine and fancy coatings. It is such materials as these that the Englishwoman who loves to be about in all kinds of weather chooses her coat. When milder weather comes eponge, linen pongee and the like are heavy enough. Reversible materials have been much used for the heavier coats, but just at present smart ones are lined with silk in Roman strips.

White corduroy is one of the fabrics that will undoubtedly be vet smart all through the spring and summer.

The motor coat pictured here was carried out in imported novelty cheviot and lined with Roman striped silk.