Sibley’s April 1908 Ad

sibleys-1918-aprilHere is an ad for the Sibley, Lindsay & Curr store from April 1918 that I “colorized.”

Rufus Sibley, Alexander Lindsay, and John Curr  opened their first store in Rochester in 1868. They later moved to the much larger Granite building. That building was gutted by fire in 1904 along with the rest of the block. The new Sibley, Landsay & Curr store opened in the huge Sibley Building in 1905.The company was bought out in 1957 by the Associated Dry Goods Corporation. They were bought out by the May Company in 1986 but still remained as Sibley’s. Then in 1990 the downtown store was closed and the name of the suburban stores were changed to Kaufmann’s. The name on the remaining stores were changed to Macy’s (also owned by the May Co.) in 2006.