TV Show with Kids from the Early 50s

schools-on-paradeI uploaded a photo album with just 6 picture in it. The album is of a TV show called Schools on Parade that was broadcast once a week in 1953 and 1954.The show was on Rochester station WHAM-TV which is now WROC-TV. Three of the pictures are of 15 children that appeared on the show and the album was probably a souvenir of being on the TV show. I suspect that the older lady shown on a TV monitor was the show host and a young lady seen in a few photos was the teacher. Go see the whole album or click on the picture on right to enlarge it..

See if you can identify any of the children and send me an email with theor name ( I suspect that the kids would have been born between1941 and 1944. One of the kids is probably Joyce “K” (I have full surname) whose name is written in the back of the album.




  1. One of the boys sang the Lords Prayer on one or more of the programs. I believe he lived on Culver Rd, north of Ridge rd. Would you happen to know his name?

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