Old News – Small Items

More old news. This time just some small news items.


Thursday, April 9, 1914


Items of General Interest Gathered from our Newsy Exchanges

kodak-brockport-adRochester has acquired a motion picture studio which was incorporated last week with a capitalization of $50,000 and which is the only one between New York an Chicago. The company is in the Newell Building where no doubt residents will now be prepared to see actors hanging from the windows or sliding down roads to the accompaniment of violins issuing from the windows when fire thrillers are being filmed.

It is estimated that in the year just passed the people of this country spent $275,000,000 at the moving picture shows, bring an average of about $3 per capital. Incidentally also, this explains in part the high cost of living.

LeRoy Odd Fellows have settled for the loss of their building which was damaged by the big fire of Feb. 16th for the sum of $3,804.

Miss Meta Reddish, the young LeRoy prima donna who has made such a name for herself in the Grand Opera world in the past year, made her debut a few weeks ago at the Constanzi Theater in Rome where she made a decided impression in Rigoletto.

Cornell is enjoying a record run of German measles.

The Senior Class of Spencerport High School are to present a play entitled “The Colonel’s Maid” to be given at Masonic Hall, Spencerport on April 3rd and 4th.

John S. Gunsaul, a pioneer resident of Fairport died at his home there last week. Having worked his way up from a team driver on the superintendent’s boat on the canal he became superintendent of the section for Fairport and retained the position for 18 years.

The heavy snow storm of March is reported to have cost the city of Rochester $14000, 17000 loads of snow having been drawn away from the downtown streets.

The way of the transgressor was made hard in County Court at Albion last week when no less than six offenders paid heavy penalties for allowing gambling or selling liquor without a license.