Early Rochester Family Records; #5

Early-Rochester-family-recordsI added the fifth page of records from the old newspaper column “Early Rochester Family Records” that were published between 1910 and 1912. The records are on Page 45 of Biographies. Highlights of families on this page are:

  • Goss family of Pittsford
  • William Welch family of Wheatland
  • Horace Bush family of Penfield
  • Lusk family of Penfield (and some additions)
  • Gideon King family of King’s Landing (Rochester)
  • Daniel Penfield family of (where else) Penfield
  • Brainerd family of Rush
  • Hiel Brockway family of Brockport
  • Squire Goff family of Mendon
  • Donald McKenzie family of Caledonia
  • Thomas Faulkner family of Wheatland
  • Peter Sheffer family of Wheatland
  • An early history of Penfield by Henry Ward of Penfield and records of his family
  • Letters relating to the Spear family from 1787 – 1790
  • Revolutionary War pension applications of Josiah Barce, Jacob Anthony, Thomas Averill, Thomas Adams and Joel Baldwin

Plus other short family records.

I still have more of these genealogies to transcribe.