Old News – Erie Canal

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Thursday, April 16, 1914

fairport-candy-kitchen-1914Canal Opening May Be Delayed

May 15th is the date officially set for the opening of navigation on the Erie canal, but there is doubt whether through traffic from Buffalo to Albany can open at that time, as there may be delays in the construction of a concrete aqueduct at Medina.

It is said that more than 7,000 yards of concrete must be poured before the canal can be opened at Medina. For the next month day and night shifts will work on the job, but the concrete must all be in place by May 1st, in order to give it time to set before the water is let in.

At Bushnell’s Basin, where the big breaks occurred in 1911 and 1912, sheet piling is being driven to strengthen the banks at several points where weakness has been shown.