Old News – Items for the Ladies


Rochester, NY

Friday, April 24, 1914


tilting-teapotPivoted Teapot That Swings For Brewing.

A practical novelty is a pivoting teapot with an upper compartment to hold the tea leaves and an alcohol lamp beneath the pot, with which the water is boiled. At the instant of boiling the flame is extinguished and the teapot tilted backward until the water covers the tea leaves. The teapot is left in this position as long as may be necessary, and when returned to its normal position the tea is ready for drinking and is not further affected to contact with the tea leaves.

To Clean Aluminum Ware.

Aluminum ware may be cleaned by washing in hot water with plenty of soapsuds. It may be polished with a paste of jeweler’s whiting which has been sifted to remove hard particles. Paste may be made with soapy water or water and alcohol or water and ammonia added to the whiting. Spread paste smoothly on surface and polish with soft cloth or chamois skin. Nickel and silver are polished in the same way. Any good metal polish may be used. If this fails, discolorations may be removed with very dilute solution of nitric acid. Never use alkalies such as washing soda or potash in cleaning aluminum.

Bean or Pea Soup.

An excellent soup which costs little or nothing is prepared thus. Soak one cupful of beans or split peas overnight and in morning put to boil in two quarts of water. When well parboiled pour off the water and add fresh. Cook slowly and add water from time to time to keep the required amount. Simmer until the beans or peas are tender enough to pass through a sleeve. Add a pint of milk, a lump of butter, salt and pepper and let boil up once, to be eaten with crackers of toast made from stale bread that happens to be on hand.