New York State Online Newspapers

One of the items I have had on my list of things to write about on this blog was a list of online newspapers for New York State. Probably because there are so many websites with newspapers, I just kept putting it off. Now, I found that someone else has recently done the task of compiling all those old online New York State newspapers. The Ancestor Hunt has no only compiled this New York newspaper page but also has web pages for every other state (see this web page).

There are over 1,000 historic newspapers in New York State that are now online for free. About half of those are on everybody’s favorite newspaper website, Fulton History. I never realized that Fulton History has 555 newspaper titles available. Then there are some other regional newspaper collection that have newspapers not available anywhere else. Add to that the historic newspapers that Google digitized a few years ago and it adds up well over 100 million pages.

Each of the websites that has newspapers has there own method for searching the papers so it may take a while to get used to each new method. Online historic newspapers are a great source to find not just major family vital records but in many cases small family items. Set aside a lot of time to search for your family in the old newspapers.

The Post Express of Rochester published in the 1910s and 1920s

The Post Express of Rochester published from the 1890s to the 1920s


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