Old News – Penfield


Fairport, NY

Thursday, April 30, 1914


This week Saturday evening, May the 2nd, will occur the regular meeting of the Penfield Grange. The evening will be in charge of Mrs. C. B. Rogers, Rev. James Moss will give an address on “Our Obligations.”

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On Friday evening of this week, the annual meeting of the Monroe County Teachers’ Association will be held at the State Normal school at Brockport. The teachers of Orleans county are to be guests of the Monroe Association on that day. There will be no session in the local schools.

The Mothers’ Circle of the grove district, will hold its meeting next week Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry Kubitz.

At the last meeting of the W. C. T. U., Miss Reba Nichols and Mrs. Leutweiler were chosen as delegates to the county spring institute to be held at Spencerport, May 27th and 28th.

Mrs George Vogt is in charge of sending of a barrel of literature for seamen to which anyone wishing to do so, may contribute. The organization of a Bad of Mercy was also discussed.

George Payne and children are ill of the measles.

The Pirates of Penzance, a comic opera in two sets, will be given by the Webster Musical and Dramatic Club, Friday evening, May the 8th, at 8:15, in the town hall, for the benefit of the Vincent class of the M. E. church. The following is the cast of characters: Richard, a pirate chief, C. R. Averill; Samuel, his lieutenant, P. J. Smith; Frederick, a pirate apprentice, E. J. Weeks; Major General Stanley of the British Army, J. R. Hawley; Edward, a sergeant of police, Robert Connal; General Stanley’s daughters, Miss Hilfilker, Miss Stilwell, Miss Dressen, Miss Hoffman, Miss Newell; Ruth, a piratical “Maid of all Work”, Miss Olive Gaston. These are assisted by a chorus of pirates and policeman of twenty voices. This opera was given two nights in Webster and was given two nights in Webster and was greatly appreciated.

At the social of the Baptist Juniors, the following officers were elected: President, Duncan Grant; treasurer. Hervey Park; secretary, Arthur Dumras; chairman of the membership committee, Irene Vanderzell; chairman of the lookout committee, Russell Rapp; flower committee, Miriam Park.