Old News – Fairport Schools


Fairport, NY

Wednesday, May 6, 1914


rainbow-bros-1914The schools were closed Friday and teachers were in Brockport attending a meeting of the Monroe County Teachers’ association, as guests of Brockport Normal school. The teachers of Orleans county were guests of the Monroe County teachers at that time and place. Those from the two counties made a gathering of 1200 teachers and members of the board of education.

Miss Alto Ellis, a graduate of Oswego Normal, now teaching in Pulaski, has been engaged to fill the vacancy in the seventh and eighth grades on the North side, and Miss Mary S. Aldrich, a graduate of Geneseo Normal, now teaching in Innwood, L. I., for the third and fourth grades, North side.

The prize speaking contest will be held Friday, May 29. More definite announcements will be made later.

New tennis courts on the campus are under construction. This will make a valued addition to the play grounds.

Arbor day exercises will be held Friday morning and the annual field day for the High school will be held on the school grounds in the afternoon. The seniors are planning to plant a maple tree.

Fairport base ball team defeated the Geneva High School at a game played on the local grounds last Saturday afternoon with a score of 6 to 1. The game was well played by both sides and the Geneva boys left in Fairport a reputation of clean manhood and sportsmanlike conduct. It is this kind of a team with which we like to play..

Our baseball team this year promises to have a very successful season. We feel that it is an asset to the school and to the village to have such a team. The management appreciate support given by the towns people and ask that most loyal support may be given them during the remainder of the season, in the interest of clean athletics in the High school.