Old News – May Festival at Brockport

More news from the past. This time a festival at Brockport Normal school, now SUNY Brockport.


Thursday, May 14, 1914



The Color Day Special on Friday, the 15th, has the right of way. This is the running order for this week. Every one is enthusiastically doing his best to make this one of the great days in the history of the school. The local weather man, Mr. Beaman, is being besieged with requests to grant us fair skies and warm breezes for that day; thus far he has been very noncommittal. He wishes us to remember the beautiful day he gave us on May first and assures us that Brockport Normal has not a monopoly of all the good weather. However the committee knows by experience that he has a tender heart and so feels confident that Friday will be all that heart could wish for in the way of weather. At any rate, rain or shine, it is always pleasant at the Normal, and in case of rain the celebration will be held in the gymnasium.

The program for the May Festival that will he held on the campus at two o’clock is printed below. The gymnasium is being decorated, under the supervision of Miss Marsden, with the school colors in preparation for the Color Day dance at 8:30. Dossenbach’s orchestra of ten pieces will furnish music for the dance.

The committee especially calls attention to the wonderful exhibition of baseball that will be given immediately after the close of the May Festival and before the regular ball game begins. For this special exhibition the committee, at great expense, has been able to secure the services of the most remarkable battery in the game today. Pitted against them will be found three of the world’s most marvelous wielders of the club. Some day you will be able to tell your grandchildren that you saw this most marvelous and mystifying exhibition.

The program of the Day follows:


  1. Decorating the May Queen’s Throne
  2. Chorus—”Cornish May Song” – Music by the School Orchestra.
    Crowning the May Queen
  3. Maypole Dance
  4. Morris Dancers
  5. Flower Drill
  6. Pantomime—”King Alfred and the Cakes”
    Alfred, King of England — — Henry Moon
    Earl Ethelred — — Spencer Gooding
    A. Minstrel — — Frederick Stout
    Goodwife — — — Margaret Ryan
  7. May Walk and English Ribbon Dance
  8. Chorus—”School Song

The Annual Training School exhibit from three o’clock until five.

At four o’clock — Baseball Game.

The Annual Color Day Dance in the Gymnasium at half past eight, the music will be furnished by Dossenbach’s Orchestra.

After the dance cars leave for Rochester City Line and for the West at one o’clock.