New Newspapers added to Fulton History

Fulton History has added even more newspapers to the millions of newspaper pages that were already on the website. Originally all newspapers were from New York State. The new additions are more from other states than from New York State.

If you have visited there before, you can limit the search to only see new “hits.” On the bottom of the search box are selections for dates called “File Creation Date.” I changed the dates to search to January 2014 – June 2014 and found this worked best. To go back to search all newspapers click on “all” and the search dates will disappear.

The next update of Fulton History will probably be in the fall.

The new indexed newspapers added are:

Calera Journal; 1892
Columbana Chronicle; 1890-1904
Montevallo Times; 1935-1949
Shelby Sentinel (Calera); 1895-1905

Chicago Daily Worker; 1924-1926

Bardstown Herald; 1828-1855
Bardstown Standard; 1900-1926
Bardstown Western American; 1805-1808
Bardstown Saturday Gazette; 1856-1857
Louisville Catholic Advocate; 1836-1849
Lexington Gazette; 1787-1841
Lexington Reporter; 1824-1849
Lebanon Weekly Standard; 1871-1876
Nelson County Record (Bardstown); 1877-1901

Galien River Gazette (Three Oaks); 1902-1988
Oswego Free Press; 1830-1834
Three Oaks Acorn; 1900-1929

New York
Alleghany Republican (Friendship); 1901-1903
Canajorarie Courier Standard Enterprise; 1975-1987
Eastern State Journal (White Plains); 1845-1917
Friendship Chronicle; 1880-1881
Friendship Volunteer; 1960-1965
Friendship Weekly Register; 1872-1958
New York Daily Worker; 1919-1928
Vestal News; 1947-1986
Vestal Tempo; 1971-1975
Washington County Post (North White Creek); 1849-1948

Philadelphia Nation Reformer; 1838
Philadelphia Inquirer; 1860-1963

Virginia Beach Virginia Beach Sun; 1952-1988